The Smile Meter

Ours smiles speak volumes. Perhaps you have witnessed firsthand the effects a powerful smile has had on a new acquaintance, colleague or even a close friend. Perhaps the effect it has had on you. The idea that wanting a good-looking smile is somehow a sign of vanity is outdated. We know better now. Your smile affects other people and how they treat you, it affects your influence and it even affects your health.

Even so—for one reason or another—many people don’t have the smile of their dreams. Perhaps they have come to accept their current smile and its imperfections. Perhaps they feel dental care is too expensive, or worse, that it’s merely elective. Or perhaps they simply aren’t aware of the options available to them. If you are one of these people, this quiz is for you.

How do you feel about your smile? Do you smile big and bright for everyone you meet, do you cover your mouth when you laugh in fear that someone may see your teeth, or do you fall somewhere in between? Everyone finds themselves somewhere along the smile meter, but not always at the top. With today’s dental advancements and artistry, so much is possible that wasn’t before. You no longer have to live with a smile that holds you back.

Taking this short quiz will help you in two ways. First, it will help you understand where you land on the smile meter. Second, it will analyze your responses to identify potential next steps toward attaining your ideal smile. It will only take a few moments of your time, so why wait any longer? Let’s get started.

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