Of all of the sensory experiences we have had throughout or lives, the sound of a dentist’s drill ranks right up there with the worst.

Movies as far back as the 1950s used scenes of patients scared out of their wits by the sound of a drill from the reception area. Even today with all of the advances in anesthesia available at every dentist’s office, many of us feel some anxiety at the sound. One of the items highest on a dental care professional’s list has always been a more painless process for repairing our teeth.

Traditional mechanical drills require that a patient receive some sort of numbing agent before a procedure can be done. The drill causes friction and vibration that is too painful to stand without a proper anesthetic. Now, it is possible have procedures done without needing painful shots or the disadvantages of a traditional drill. Dental lasers combine a specialized type of laser and water to jet a stream of water particles at very high speed against both hard and soft tissues. Because our teeth and gums are made up partially of water, the laser excites the water molecules in the tissue to dissolve it. The additional water keeps the tooth at a normal temperature so heat is eliminated. The tool is so accurate that far less of the patient’s mouth is affected by the procedure and healing is faster.

Waterlase™ has been around since 1999 and is now becoming more common in dentist offices. The list of procedures that Waterlase™ is cleared for is impressive. Hard tissue, laser periodontal procedures, soft tissue indications, root canals and more are all possible without using a drill.

For patients, the benefits are also impressive. Who doesn’t want to avoid the stress of drills and needles? Waterlase™ certainly reduces the stress and fear of going to the dentist. Because this particular type of dental laser is minimally invasive, recovery is faster and the time it takes to do a procedure is reduced, resulting in fewer visits. And, without needing anesthetic, complications from drug interactions are reduced. Finally, a patient is far safer from cross contamination from surrounding tissue.

I’m privileged to have the Waterlase™ technology in my Irmo office. To my knowledge, I’m the only dentist in Columbia who uses this equipment. We are the only dental offices in the Midlands of South Carolina that are equipped with dental lasers. Patients have commented on what a different experience it is from using traditional drilling equipment. Many patients comment on how relieved they are to just get on with their procedure instead of getting numbed up and then waiting until they were ready. Below are some of the procedures that we do with Waterlase:

  • Root canals
  • Decay removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Hard and soft tissue procedures
  • Smile design
  • Gum and bone surgical procedures
  • And a wide array of other dental procedures…

So don’t let your fear of the sound of a dentist’s drill worry you any more. We have a better way.

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